Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fighting the Fear of Failure

In this world nobody can say that they are perfect and never made a mistake. Committing errors is a part of the learning process but unfortunately not all can accept these mistakes. And this people are having the wrong idea that it would be more harmful if they made a mistake and they will never be able to cope up with it. And instead of having more opportunity to succeed they tend to fail more.

The fear of failure can keep your life on hold. It is said that in extreme cases, fear of failure can cause the person to restrict him/herself in doing anything that is risky or without guaranteed success. And therefore contain him/her in the same routine and not moving forward to achieve goals. Just like in the corporate world employees who try new things tend to get rewards for being innovative.

Fear of failure can also give bad impact to your health. Fear is a stress full event that triggers different glands to secrete hormones like adrenaline and dopamine which regulates increase heart rates and blood pressure. This reaction leads to fatigue, decrease of immune function and heart attack.

You have to overcome the fear to failure to be able to succeed. Here are some simple tips on how you can focus on success and overcome your fear:
  • Keep in mind that sometimes you fail.

  • Accept failure. Look at your mistakes in a positive way, instead of blaming yourself or others try to find what went wrong and solve it.

  • Remember that we all fail even the most successful person has a story of failure.

  • If you fail keep in mind that it should not be a reason for you to stop trying. Try and rtry until you succeed.

  • Talk about your fear with your family or friend. Find your strength and confidence with them.

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